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Keys To Creating Your Stress-Free Holiday Party

I love holidays of all kinds. Any excuse to gather with my family and friends and enjoy great food, sweet treats, play games, and generally party it up is okay with me! We're in the middle of August at the moment, but I am already counting down to both Labor Day and Halloween. You might think it strange that I am looking so far into the future, but that is one of the major keys to a successful party: try to plan ahead. Parties are for having a good time, right? So why would you set yourself up for stress by leaving everything to the last minute? If you are a bit of a neat freak, then you should try to do a deep clean one of two weeks in advance so that all you have to is a "touch up," in the days preceding. Or, if that isn't possible, then be sure to clean gradually. Leave the kitchen and the primary bathroom to the last, as those are the areas that tend to get dirty quickly.Budget in costs for party supplies before the last minute! I hate to hammer on the hard times, but most of us can't afford to throw a bi...


How To Include Your Fireplace In Your Summer Decor

Now that warm weather is almost here, you need to think about cleaning your fireplace one last time. So since you're already putting time and effort into the area, shouldn't you add a little creative expression there so that your fireplace remains a warm, welcoming feature of your home even when the conditions outdoors are less than frightful?There's no reason to leave your fireplace gray and empty simply because you don't need roaring fires for the next few months. Maybe you could do a simple arrangement of interesting logs such as nice white birch on your grate. Perhaps add a log or two on the side in a rack or an elegant old ash scuttle.Shine your fireplace tools for the best effect and place a vase or a group of such vessels on the opposite side of the hearth. Put interesting branches or boughs or even some tall standing blooms in those vases.Place candles scented like spring and summer fragrances to invite the fresh scents of the outdoors inside your home. Candles in tall stands or large pillars will add...


Top 5 Bedroom Decorating Ideas This Christmas

Kids don't typically seem to care about the way you decorate their rooms but at a certain point, they do begin to have more and more of an opinion. From the things they hang on the wall to the furniture they have, kids bedroom decor becomes more and more important as they grow into teens, then into young adults. Spending time and effort shopping for the right decor allows you to give not only a great Christmas gift, but also gives your child something he or she can use every day . So what are some great bedroom decor ideas you can get them for Christmas they will appreciate? Here are some neat, useful and awesome looking things that may just do the trick:1. For the sports minded kid, there are personalized wall racks that are themed to the sport they like whether its baseball, football or even skateboarding. This keeps their equipment out of the floor and organized where they can find it. If you've got a fan of baseball or football or any other sport, there are lots of great wall art from sports team pictures...


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