New Release WordPress 4.8 – Evans Release

Now enjoy adding Audio widget, Image widget, Video widget as well as wordpress Evans release added rich text editor in Text widget. No code need of HTML/CSS.

A huge update from WordPress, The release WordPress 4.8 they named it “Evans”. The release has huge number of new updates and exciting features like Audio widget, Image widget, Video widget as well as updated Text widget. New release of WordPress can change your website to new level. New WordPress 4.8 release let you enhance your website with multiple features.

Features of WordPress 4.8:

Number of new and enhance features introduced by wordpress release 4.8. Most important features are Audio widget and video widget as well as link cursor are most important features to discuss.

  1. Customized Image widget.
  2. Video widget.
  3. Audio widget.
  4. Text widget.
  5. Links boundaries in Editor updated.
  6. News & Events Dashboard.
  7. Changes in the editor API.
  8. Variable customizer width.
  9. User’s name prominently displayed on edit user screen
  10. Tag cloud widget will not use title tag

Image Widget WordPress:

Old Feature: In older versions you need to upload image to media gallery > copy the URL > write inline code to your widget to display image to users.

New Feature: new image widget updated in WP 4.8, unlike the older version  the widget has compatibility to directly insert widget image in wordpress. New enhancement brings wordpress to new level to update and add images directly to wordpress widget.


image widget wordpress 4.8

WordPress Video Widget:

Video before the update of wordpress needs coding skill or Iframe. You need to give video height and width to make them responsive. like Music player in blogger you can now add Mp3 player to wordpress widget.  From long time users was waiting for some widgets and having problems which now solved. Explore some major changes, makes you feel better.

Audio widget:

Audio widget support has been added, you don’t need to write custom audio tag to display an inline mp3 music player to wordpress widget. It has extra features some of them listed below.

  • Add alternate sources
  • Preload
  • Loop


Text widget:

Plain text editor was an headache you need to write bold and italic tags in your text widget. Writing codes and HTML tags inside widget was difficult. WordPress WYSIWYG enable the user, writing text with bold, italic, underline, list item in wordpress widget.

Now the editor is extended with new version so you can easily insert lists and links in your widget. TinyMCE buttons are available to make editing text widgets much easier.

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Lists (bulleted & numbered)
  • Links

Switching between text and visual so you can insert more tags you want.

Links cursor updated:

Link editing is now much more user-friendly.Minor update which is neglected by most of them, after link boundries update you can update your link excellently. A light background behind the link visible so you can easily see location of cursor. Either outside or inside <a> tag?. Overall link editing becomes more user-friendly.

Editing User’s Names

The new update displayed which user you’re going to edit. Before WordPress 4.8, the “Edit User” screen used to just say “Edit User” at the top. Now you’ll also see the user’s display name.

Tag Cloud Widget Updates

Before the update only categories display how many count of posts. Now you can easily display how many post in a particular tag available. Tag counts are not visible by default, check the box to display post count in cloud tag widget.

Customizer Pane adjusts width based on screen size

The left sidebar containing the customizer’s options used be set at 300px wide. Now it can be anywhere between 300px and 600px wide, depending on the screen size.

Now we’ll take a look at the new features in WordPress 4.8 for developers.

Developer Updates

Updated version not only helping end users, but to facilitate developers they updated core. Developers will feel flexible when working on WP Projects.

TinyMCE updates to version 4.6

For the Editor, WordPress has updated to TinyMCE 4.6. You can read more about these updates in the posts below.

Foundation for Gutenberg

Gutenberg is the codename for a current project underway to improve the WordPress editor. The new editor experience is not available in WordPress 4.8, but the groundwork for future updates has begun.

Learn more about Gutenberg here »

For all you hardcore developers out there, you can view the full list of all 300+ changes.

Multisite Updates in WordPress 4.8

Multisite section has been updated so developers are easy to get hold on develop a multisite, but you can learn more here.

For anything else I might have missed, WordPress has put together a 4.8 Field Guide, to go along with their official video.

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