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WhatsApp Web – Use WhatsApp in PC

Whatsapp announce its version for web. Now you can enjoy chatting via keyboard while sharing videos and images with your friends. While working you can also keep an eye Whatsapp. No hassle to copy again and again images to PC.

Whatsapp is one of the most popular application that ever seen. Recently Whatsapp give an update that you can use Whatsapp on the web but that was only for Google Chrome. After a week or two they give another update to use Whatsapp Web in every browser doesn’t seem truth. Let’s give it a try.

Open Website Whatsapp Web

After opening this URL you will come up with this screen. A QR Code is showing. Use default Whatsapp QR code scanner and open up the Whatsapp in website and talk like Facebook. Just scan the code with your Phone different mobile setting is here.

Find QR Code Reader in Whatsapp

Find QR Code Reader in Whatsapp TwoClock.com

Find QR Code Reader in Whatsapp

  1. Android:
    Open Whatsapp > Menu > Whatsapp Web
  2. IPhone:
    Open Whatsapp > Setting > Whatsapp Web
  3. Windows Phone:
    Open Whatsapp > Menu > Whatsapp Web
  4. BlackBerry:
    Open Whatsapp > Chat > Menu key > Whatsapp Web
  5. BlackBerry 10:
    Open Whatsapp > Swipe Down from top of Screen > Whatsapp Web
  6. Nokia s60:
    Open Whatsapp > Menu > Whatsapp Web
  7. Nokia s40:
    Open Whatsapp > Swipe up from Bottom of Screen> Whatsapp Web

Scanning QR Code in Whatsapp

After opening the Whatsapp Web in mobile and in your web browser. A box appear in mobile where it is scanning something. Scan the code of Whatsapp Web showing. A bit later Whatsapp Chat available on the web. A demonstration showing below of scanning QR code.

Scanning QR Code in Whatsapp TwoClock.com

Scanning QR Code in Whatsapp


  • You must install latest version of Whatsapp in your Mobile.
  • WiFi must be on in your mobile phone to be connected.


Disconnected from Whatsapp then do nothing just open the Whatsapp in mobile once and it will reconnect after some seconds. An Idle state occurs after some minute of disconnection from browser. Do no logout just turn up the Whatsapp again and get connected.

Run Whatsapp Without Smart Phone

If you want to run Whatsapp without smart phone then follow the steps below.

Change Log:

Luckily Whatsapp announce support for every browser but before 3 months ago Whatsapp web was only available for Chrome browser. Now a better luck for Firefox user to run Whatsapp on every browser.

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