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WhatsApp Screenshot Notification – True or False

WhatsApp Tips of sending notification to the sender who take screenshot of the user. Check the news is it true or not about WhatsApp screenshot notification.

Some of the days back WhatsApp introduces some new features. On February 5th WhatsApp launches updates for video calling. Next update is of video downloading and playback feature. But people are taking about WhatsApp screenshot. While chatting we take chat screenshots to save WhatsApp history. People around us, stuck in curiosity, what will happen when they include these type of feature. Confused people said, “you take an screenshot a notification to the user(whom screen shot taken) will be send”. Is it true either WhatsApp including this feature in it.

True Facts of WhatsApp screenshot notification.

The feature of screenshot notification is not so old. Snap Chat include the same feature before any app introduces. New generation specially in India and Pakistan both country people are conscious. The reason behind this, now a days groups of college friends make fun by taking screenshots. WhatsApp didn’t confirm this feature of screenshot notification.

WhatsApp did not confirm the screenshot notification feature for their app.

Some of the bloggers trying to get some views for their website, writing fake features of WhatsApp. We always appreciate these types of blog to make conscious others.

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