Wacaco Minipresso Handy Coffee Maker Gadget

wacaco Minipresso is an awesome gadget for all specially travel and tours people. Who need coffee for relaxation. Easy to Make Coffee without Electricity and other.

Wacaco Minipresso Coffee Maker (Photo: courtesy of Wacaco)

Writing for those who loves “Coffee Making” Gadgets. And for those who love Espresso. The Gadget will make them cheer because this is perfect coffee maker for them an Hong Kong Resident who is industrial designer make this small (less then 10 inches) MiniPresso. By which you can make coffee easily. If you are a traveler and you love to have coffee then its perfect time to have this gadget with you. Few grams of ground Coffee or (Coffee Capsules) and some boil water (you can take water from any where now a days every where water dispenser attached. Small need for this MiniPresso and coffee is in your hand with a little trick.

Wacao MiniPresso is easy to use, everyone can operate it.

  1. First step is to look the coffee cup which is attached unscrew it.
  2. Take out filter basket and the tank.
  3. Note: A coffee measure is available with this set.
  4. Place the coffee (or capsule) in the basket.
  5. Add some of boiling water (apporx. 2.4 ounces) in it.
  6. Now screw it again back to the position.
  7. Flip the Minipresso turn it upside down.
  8. Take it to the cup or mug where you want to pour it.
  9. Now start pouring the coffee and pump the semi automatic piston(with your hand).
  10. Great: It don’t need any battery or electricity or anything.

One of my friend told me it’s awesome – When he is traveling for the work he is out every time

The cleaning purpose of this Minipresso is easy. Remove the filter just like you are making a new coffee. Because coffee grinds are there refill it with hot water again. Screw the cup again and repeat the process with out coffee. Shake it and pour water out of Presso. Your coffee maker is clean and ready to use for a new coffee.

Travelers and Tourist loves this gadget because they live any where for just hours and back to home and they need coffee maker. Which handy as well as easy to use. This problem is solved and works perfect for you. Have a great journey. Cheers !

The Wacaco Minipresso costs $59 and is available online at wacaco.com.

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