SMTP Email using SWIFTMAILER – Hostgator

How to send email using swiftmailer with hostgator alternative to phpmailer which is not working fine. Use swiftmailer instead of phpMailer.

Get Image ID from Image URL – WordPress

Get Image ID from Image URL in wordpress. Get other image sizes by providing image URL. Get intermediate image sizes from image URL.

Image sizes in wordpress

Get All Image Sizes in WordPress – Intermediate image sizes

How to get additional image size in wordpress to develop your website proper without any disk usage. Learn how to remove additional image sizes in wordpress.

Change Font Size in Storefront Theme

How to Change Font Size in Storefront Theme

How to change the font sizes of different div's like Paragraph, Menu font size, Sidebar widget titles in woocommerce storefront theme with Styles CSS.

Delete Custom Fields Using phpMyAdmin

Delete meta data store in your database manually with phpMyAdmin. Cleanup your wordpress database from junk data and save space in MySQL database.

php artisan serve Laravel not working

PHP Artisan Serve Not Working – Laravel

Laravel latest build 5.4 throwing an error that specified key was too long. How to solve and run your local application development server of laravel using PHP.

Change WordPress Theme From Database

Learn how to change wordpress theme from phpMyAdmin to solve blank wordpress admin.Replace theme to older version of wordpress from database.

Background image in Blogger

Add Background Image in Blogger – How to

How to add background image in blogger pages and post in blogger. Add custom background blogger.