HB RIng Feel Heart beat husband

HB RING – Hear Loved One’s Heart Beat on Tap

Technology revolutionized and we have HB ring to listen the heartbeat of loved one.

Falling Elevator Life Saving Tips TwoClock

Save Yourself in Falling Elevator – Life Saving Tips

Towers and buildings are equipped with elevators & even fall. May be you're in falling elevator, stop committing mistakes, read full article and save yourself from serious injuries.

10 Dangerous Beautiful Places on Earth Twoclock

10 Dangerous Beautiful Places on Earth – Avoid to Visit

Most beautiful dangerous places on earth avoid to visit. There are most of the beautiful places having wonder of beauty but you avoid to visit as they have danger of life.

Glassouse for Disable People TwoClock

Glassouse – Assistive Device for Disable People

Disable people can now operate computer, laptops, smart devices, TV and other equipment which can be operated via mouse or smart motions.

Mistakes to Avoid Vacations Two clock

5 Mistake to Avoid While on Vacations / Trip

Mistakes to avoid to make your vacation memorable and have lots of fun. Have a wonderful vacation without any hassle to enjoy every minute of your holidays.

Asus Zenwatch 3 Smart Watch TwoClock

Zenwatch 3 – ASUS Smart Watch

Zenwatch 3 by Asus - Smart watch

starts fire with wicked flashlight

FlashTorch – Flash Light Starts Fire – Wicked Lasers

Wicket flash light with 4100 lumens can start fire or fry an egg for breakfast. Emergency helper for your tourism and camping in tough situations.

Derawar Fort Bahawalpur Punjab Pakistan TwoClock

Derawar Fort Bahawalpur – Punjab, Pakistan

Visit Derawar fort well known emperors fort in Pakistan. Desert Rally is one of well known race at Derawar. Tourist love to participate and enjoy tourism.