Sony Speakers – NFC & Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Experience seamless playback with Sony speakers having NFC and Bluetooth features. Microphone added to enjoy audio calling.

Technology ascended to new levels, Bluetooth Wireless Speakers are common now a days. Sony launches some of the NFC and Bluetooth enabled speakers to compete the market. Enjoy seamless playback with long battery hours with Sony speakers. Audio calling with loud voice 360 degree, circle sound to enhance the audio level.

Sony SRS BTV5 Wireless Speaker

Sony SRS BTV5 Wireless Speaker.

Sony speakers, have Bluetooth as well as one touch NFC. It consist of 3 models. SRS-BTM8 , ZS-BTY52 and SRS-BTV5 – all have NFC and Bluetooth built in. Just connect your smartphone or tablet then you can enjoy seamless playback with these wireless speakers . NFC feature allows you to connect, NFC-enable smartphone or tablet instantly to stream high-quality music. Presence of microphone can allow you to enjoy clear voice calls. Both the model SRS-BTV5 and SRS-BTM8 models have microphone built in.

Features of SRS-BTV5 Wireless speaker

  • One touch NFC pairing.
  • A2DP feature can support all the Bluetooth devices.
  • Audio-in port lets you connect devices without Bluetooth support.
  • Microphone to answer calls via Bluetooth.
  • 130 grams of weigh.
  • Sony’s 360-degree Circle Sound audio diffusion technology delivers music to each and every corner of a room.
  • 5 hours of battery backup with Built-in charging feature.

sony SRS BTM8 Wireless speakers

sony SRS BTM8 Wireless speaker.

Features of SRS-BTM8 Wireless speaker

  • NFC (One-touch Connection).
  • Bluetooth (SBC multiple codec).
  • Up to 20 hrs wireless Playback.
  • Hands-Free Calls.
  • Two-way power supply with AA batteries and AC adapter.
  • Portability with Built-in Handle.
  • Bass Reflex System.

Sony ZS-BTY52 Wireless Sony speakers twoclock

ZS-BTY52 Wireless Sony speaker.

Features of ZS-BTY52 Wireless speaker

  • NFC (One-touch Connection).
  • Bluetooth.
  • AM and FM Radio.
  • USB port and auxiliary input to connect MP3 or MP4 players.
  • LED lighting Band.
  • Up to 11 hours of battery life.

11 hours battery is enough you to enhance audio playback. Auxiliary cable and FM Radio can add twist and become your good companion.

Sony speakers prices range between $59 to $130.
The Sony SRSBTV5 is of $59. The SRS-BTM8  is of $90.
The ZS-BTY52 is of $133 respectively.

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