SkySaver Life Saving Safety from High Rise

If you are stuck in a burning rise and no way to escape? Why didn't you take any backpack consider reading this wonderful gadget which will save you from hurting and automatically brake system include in it read it now have it now.

Have you ever trapped in a building or are you working on an upper floor of a building. May be there is not any life saving rope or any other equipment available, the building caught in fire rapidly and you are trapped in that burning rise. Now you don’t worry, here is the product called SkySaver. Helps you in safer exit, Some situations where no safer exit and may be you hurt. Now on with the help of this nightmare bag pack you can save yourself without anyone’s help. Wear this bag and hook it descend through any opening window and reach to ground safe and sound.

For this purpose SkySaver will require a point or any pre-installed anchor point by a certified company for emergency exits. Some cases in low revenue company, an emergency anchor drilled in wall near any suitable window which leads you to exit easily. During an emergency it’s easy as one two three.

  1. Wear the Backpack on.
  2. Tighten the straps using clips.
  3. Attached carabiner which is integrated to the emergency anchor. Descend through any emergency window.

Braking system (works automatically) will took you the ground safe and sound. It’s an stylish backpack which look normally back while you working. Which works in different situations well equipped wire of steel. If you don’t want yourself to be burnt or to be hurt then you must use it. Once you have this SkySaver you’re save.

Features of Life Saving Equipment

SkySaver have different features to control how much you want to go down. Because the steel cable pre installed have different sizes but don’t worry the basic backpack has 260ft of steel wire.

  1. Carries maximum of 300lbs around 136 kg.
  2. Steel Galvanized wire of 260ft, which is 80 meters long.
  3. Steady rate of around 6ft (1.8 meter) per second which will let you go down easy and fast.

Lengths: It comes with three lengths 80 ft (24m) the second is 160 ft (48 m) and the last is 260 ft (80m)

There are others products which are similar to SkySaver Called Rescue Reel. According to them, this life saving backpack needs no training it’s user friendly comparatively to other products available in the market. The life saving neither be easy before this friendly backpack.

SkySaver Life Saving Equipment

Where it comes from: This life saving developed by former Lieutenant General of Israel defense Forces. With the calibration of safety experts and according to them it’s strictly tested by Gravitec labs which is certified company for these equipment. Then go and get this because it is with 7 years guarantee and needs no maintenance.

A Full Video Describing Life Saver Multi device – multistory Disaster Saver

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