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Typography is the foundation of any good design choosing the wrong font can lead to bad impression to end user. Bad typography can push the audience away from reading the page. Two of the basic font category are the Serif and San Serif. Explanation of serif vs San serif in can makes you understand what is the main difference in serif and sans serif typography.


Serif VS San Serif

San serif are decorative fonts then that of the serif. New Time Romans are the best examples of the San Serif. Arial font can be the best example for the serif.

Serif fonts refer to the small strokes attached to the top and bottom of the typed alphabets whereas San serif are without the strokes.

Video Serif VS San Serif


Serif Fonts:

  • Serif category is  more classic or antique style type alphabets.
  • The category of serif type font is use for printing materials.
  • Serif fonts having a small stroke at top and bottom of characters.
  • Those stroke works like white spacing makes the reading more distinctive and readable.

San Serif Fonts:

  • San Serif fonts are modern and having no strokes around the character corner.
  • Sans serif means “without“.
  • San-Serifs are used in web pages due to high resolution of the screens.
  • Developers recommended to use San Serif to make pages user friendly and readble.

However there are few exceptions Serif can be used for headlines whereas the San Serif can be used for the heading on the web pages.


Difference between serif and sans serif font:

Serifs small decorative stroke around (top & bottom) the character. Times New Roman font family is the best example of serif. Sans serif does not have these details or flourishes. An example would be the Arial font.

  • serif fonts are usually easier to read in larger text areas like in books, magazines, in body content on websites.
  • sans serif fonts are used regularly because of how clean they tend to look in those main text areas.

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