Searchable Socks Technology| Bluetooth Enabled Socks

To accomplish the task of searching a socks let it done by Google apps. These wearable if lost can be found using latest wearable socks technology which has Bluetooth enabled.

Getting late to reach office and could not find your socks or your one or pair of socks disappear after laundry.? Australian technician are making socks technology and Australian retailers are teaming up to make these type of searchable socks which then, can be found universally using your Smart Phone. Now the socks will be search by your smart phone isn’t it cool.

These socks are equipped with Bluetooth. They are fitted with thin LTE beacons that wrap around the top of your lower calf, just like the coloured stripes as seen on traditional sock. If you are unable to find the other pair of sock, just press the beacon on the sock in your hand. Search App of Google will point you where the lost one.

The Australian said “The missing sock will then sing this song to help you find it. They are working hard to make the socks technology smaller and seamless. We’ll be open-sourcing the technology later this year, with the idea of creating an entire ecosystem of developers and sock makers.

The main thing you can not notice the technology is present in the socks so they called it socks technology. The stripe on the socks looks fashion or design for others but We’ve been working hard to make this technology small and seamless (literally). You won’t even notice the technology is there and can’t be imagine too.

Availability of Socks Technology:

According to the fashion Era socks have colors: Red, Green, Yellow and blue. Even though there is pure white pairs are available at Google Store.  Old socks can be maintained with same technology. Simply attach a Searchable beacon strip to each sock and you’re ready to walk. Even they can be found universally so i am in the search of same socks.

They make me April fool but really it’s the good one technology approach sooner i hope this technology will up in the market not the same but similar to this technology.

Narrated from Google Australia Blog.
Image Credits to Google Australia Blog.

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