Save Yourself in Falling Elevator – Life Saving Tips

Towers and buildings are equipped with elevators & even fall. May be you're in falling elevator, stop committing mistakes, read full article and save yourself from serious injuries.

Anything could be happen to you, Even you are not safe in any step of life. May be you are in a falling elevator and you are not sure what to do. If you are stuck in any of the extreme situation specially in elevator while it is falling. You can be the bigger source of saving others life while you are in falling elevator.

Two Clock contributes falling elevator tips. Recommended by scientists and engineers about the do and don’t if you find yourself in a falling elevator.

  1. Jumping will become the difficult task for you when you are in free fall.
  2. Your jump will reduce the speed of your fall by the same amount that it’s occurring, and this is bad news for most people.
  3. You can not predict which part of your body you will fall. Jumping while fall can harm your body.

Checkout this video made by Discovery Channel have long since proved that you should never do this.

Don’t try to hurt yourself by standing straight. Reason behind the logic, weight that is ten times greater during the fall. This could lead to extremely serious injuries.

As soon as you feel that the elevator is falling, immediately lie on your back on the floor of the elevator. In this position, the strength of the blow will be spread equally across the area of your body.

During the situation you could lie on the floor of the elevator. In this position, the load on your skeleton will be less than if you were standing.

Lack of space in the elevator at least bend on your knees will reduce the impact.

Falling elevator life saving tips is based on materials from nytimes. Have any idea in mind regarding your elevator tips then you must share. Save humanity by reducing the risk and spread the life saving tips.

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