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Root Android Mobile/Tab and Remove System Applications

Remove System Applications from Android mobile / tab. Root android using kingo root & save hundreds of MB's by removing builtin applications from Android. But first Learn how to properly root your mobile phone to gain access of Administrative Files in Android.

Before this i described Hardware Keys Remap in Android which required root of device. So here is the tutorial on how to root your mobile. There are a lot of applications around you which help you in gaining access of different components but some of them need special permissions called super user. Many applications on Play store where they mentions root required like removing system applications. Key Remapping, Custom ROM installation etc.  which are not available until you root your mobile. Developers who are developing easy to use applications and Kingo root is one of the i think which is so user friendly.

Commonly People use Android for their Emails, Applications or some of them use it for entertainment like Music, Movies, Games and other stuff. Main point is How to root android mobile also we will guide you through the rest part How to remove system applications.

Kingo Root is windows application available Online Get from here. Which will make root of any mobile so easy, Install the Kingo and connect your mobile with your computer via Data Cable it will ask you option either you want to

  • Connect as MTP (media transfer)
  • Charge only
  • Some other options too

Now go to Setting > Developer Options > and choose USB Debug Mode and turn it On.

When USB Debug Mode on you will see your Kingo root screen will search something and ask you the options to Root now. If you want then press the button to confirm. Your mobile start rooting. If kingo screen not change then check your USB cable either it’s connect properly or not . Or make sure debug mode turned on correctly or not.
How to turn on USB Debug Mode in Different Android Devices.

Note: Mobile will reboot 3 to 4 time. also some mobile turn debug mode automatically off , so go to again developer options and turn debug on.

It will take 15 to 20 minute to root your mobile and now you can do whatever you want to do. But another thing you are going to learn is how to remove system applications in android. Once your root in complete go to play store and search for an app “System Application Remover” Install it your mobile and it will show you a list of applications.

Now delete whatever you want but don’t forgot the text which are written with application name, whether it’s key file or not. Be careful to delete but you can take backup too. Other Applications are available to do the same but they needs mobile to be rooted.

Check your mobile Rooted or Not Using this Application?

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