Reset WordPress Admin Password from PHPMYAdmin

Usually forgetting password is the key feature of human being. Also you forgot your email password too. Want to recover you password from PHPmyAdmin. Then read how to Reset WordPress Admin Password from PHPMYAdmin

Usually it happens that you forgot your WordPress Admin password (wp-admin) and searching for alternate ways except emails. In some cases email functionalities are disabled, and you worry how to change your password. If you have C-Panel access then you can do it, so here is the solution on how to reset wp-admin password from phpMyAdmin.

Let’s resolve this problem step by step.

  1. Go to your CPanel  usually (
  2. Login to your CPanel and go to your database section.
    WordPress Admin Password Recovery using phpMyAdmin
  3. Click on phpMyAdmin. Select your desired Database.(if more then 1 database see last section, search your database of current WordPress).
  4. After selecting your desired database. Select users table (wp_users). you will see the structure of table.
  5. Click on browse Tab showing at the top. Then you will see list of table content.
  6. Select your desired usually the user ID with 1 is your admin. Click on edit. You will see something like.
    Wordpress Admin Password Change Alternative
  7. Now go to user password field in the drop down menu select MD5 and remove the old content type your password.
  8. You’re done your password will change.


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