Remove WooCommerce Product Sorting via Plugin – How to

How to remove product sorting options from woocommerce. Minimize your options of sorting from woocommerce shop.

Removing a WooCommerce product sorting from woocommerce shop page is bit tricky and work of core WordPress. You can use hooks and filters to remove products sorting in WooCommerce. Thanks to plugin developers to have WooCommerce product sort remover plugin.

Stop wasting time on complicated WooCommerce Hooks & filters to remove default sort options from shop page use WooCommerce Product Sorting Plugins to remove default sorting and options.

How to use Remove WooCommerce Product Sorting:

  1. Install Plugin from Skyverge.
  2. Activate the plugins from plugins menu.
  3. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products.WooCommerce Product Sorting Remover TwoClock
  4. Select the options which you don’t need and remove them.
  5. This will then remove the sorting options from both the “Default Product Sorting” dropdown on the settings page, and the sorting dropdown on the front-end:
  6. Click save and update your settings.

Output Result:

Customize WooCommerce product sorting TwoClock

Customize WooCommerce product sorting

Author Review:

Name of the plugin clearly define what it is made for to remove default sorting options of WooCommerce. Plugin allows core option removal of WooCommerce product sort from the shop loop and admin. No need to worry about WooCommerce documentation install the plugin and cheer up.

Image source and Plugin by Skyverge

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