QLOCK TWO Clock – Art of Display Time in Words

World first clock by Beigurt & Funk QLOCK TWO Clock Display Time in Words.

QLOCK TWO Clock, designed to change the way of technology. Exciting things about this clocks is rather then displays time in number or in analog QLOCK display time in words. Arts inside technology proudly presented by Biegert & Funk available in multiple shapes and sizes.

The art+technology of Qlock two clock, available with the names of  Qlock Classic, Qlock Large, Qlock Touch and Qlock W. All displays time in words, clock.

The fun way of this spectacular and impressive clock is to display time in words e.g. (it is half past seven). Illuminating characters on the clock helps in understanding current time. Qlock TwoClock is master piece of art and technology.

1. QLOCK two Classic – No Hands No Digits

QLOCK TWO Classic change the way of perception of displaying time. QlockTwo is beyond the thinking and artwork masterpiece by Biegert & Funk. Stainless steel and shiny surface of Synthetic glass provide clock more elegant look.

QLOCK TWO Classic TwoClock.com


The first design ever made with award winning clock. Ambient light adjusted, automatically radio signals set the time and even display seconds.

2. QLOCK two Large – Wall Clock

Larger size made for large rooms, halls and public buildings. An impose modern sense of time for every room. Twice as bigger then Classic clock. An impressions for your walls having no paintings provide perfect impression of real time art.

QLOCK TWO Large TwoClock.com


3. QLOCK two Touch

QLOCKTWO touch, a symbol of exactness as a table clock with an alarm functionality builtin. Table clock diplays Time in word. Time in characters make it more precise and accuracy polished. A special screen illuminated by LED’s make this table clock special as they are with pin sharp definition.


QLOCK TWO Touch TwoClock.com


Qlock Two Clock TOUCH available in 19 different languages and with seven different colors. When you touch the body it gives you illumination so you can know the time in dark room or while sleeping. It is Awesome Table Clock for bedroom or Living-Room. Alarm with aesthetic functionality.

4. QLOCK two Clock W

Designed with fine stainless steel with having a Grid of 110 letters. A button given at the side of QLOCK TWO W, when you want to know the time you pressed the button and LED’s illuminates on unexpected places shows exact time.

It also shows the Date, Calendar or Even the seconds. It available in different versions or even in black stainless steel with 7 different languages.

QLOCK TWO Clock W TwoClock.com


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