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Play Multiple Videos Sequentially in VLC

Files in VLC plays randomly by size, to play videos sequentially in VLC follow a 2 click step to play files in sequence. Learn how to Play music by order in VLC.

VLC provide a huge playback support to play number of media files. VLC actually an open source software available for multiple operating systems. It has support for Mac, Windows and Linux with different support of opening a file.  One of my colleague ask how to play video sequentially in vlc. Learn how to play multiple videos in VLC by dragging them into VLC playlist.

Play Videos Sequentially in VLC

1. Open VLC media player, and click “playlist” button show expand the playlist.

VlC Playlist Button

create playlist in vlc

2. A new window will be open, Drag and Drop your files here to play. Or Right-click on window of playlist and “Add your files”.
Locate your file in the file selection menu and click open. You can drag and drop multiple files or select multiple files.

3. Now move files here and there in desired sequence by means of drag and drop.

4. Select first file from top and click play. Now your ordered sequenced will start playing in selective manner.

5. If your videos are not playing in pre-programmed manner you arrange in VLC. Learn how to play Play Multiple Videos Sequentially in VLC. Click the “Random” button (an icon with two intertwined arrows) to shuffle playback of the videos. Click the “Random” button again to play videos in sequence you arrange.

vlc random video play

vlc random video play button

6. You can use forward button or and Back button to control the playback.
Press “N” to move to next video.
Press “P” button for previous video.

7. Click the “Loop” button (an icon with two looping arrows) to repeat the item that is currently playing. Click the “Loop” button again to repeat playback of the entire playlist.

Loop Media VLC

Loop Media VLC

8. Saving your playlist helps you to play same media next time.

How to Save Playlist in VLC:

Saving a playlist can help you to play media again, no need to select files again.

  • Click on Media > Press Save playlist to File.
  • Select desired folder > name it > save it.

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