Ping Optimizer WordPress Plugin – Spam Controller

updating & publishing a post ping automatically in wordpress. Stop being marked as spammer to those ping machines. Try ping optimizer to control post pings.

Addition of new post in your blog and automatically it will be ping is a feature of wordpress. But whenever a post edit or update an automatic WordPress ping send to websites for listing of post. Sending pings so many times for a single post to search engines, you may lost your ranking factor. Perhaps your blog may listed in ping spammer list and you may get less traffic. Save your website tagged as spam by installing WordPress Ping Optimizer Plugin.

Unnecessary pings can may marked your new blog as spam. Save your blog from sending spam pings.

WordPress Ping Optimizer (features):

  • Protect your blog from getting banned by ping services. Use WordPress ping optimizer for better traffic.
  • New post creation will send ping and notified to blog listing websites. Ping websites helps you to get traffic from blog directories and search engines.
  • Updating or editing post, multiple pings will stopped by ping plugin. You will not mark as spam publisher.

Control your ping produced by minor activities on blog posts. Enhance your post qualities and Get Traffic to blog by updated ping list.

Installing Ping Optimizer Plugin:

How to install plugin via add new plugin.

  1. Go to Dashboard > plugins > Add new  > search > WordPress Ping Optimizer.
  2. Click on Install now button and activate the plugin.

    ping controller wordpress

    ping controller WordPress.

  3. Go to Plugins menu again and configure your plugin according to your need.

Manual Installation of Ping Optimizer:

  1. Get plugin from WP plugin Directory. Upload by WP Admin UI.
  2. Activate the plugin and configure according to need.

Errors & Solutions:

Q: Error ping the post. Display message: “transport error – HTTP status code was not 200”.
A: May your ping list have error some of the ping services you are using are dead now.

Q: Duplicate result of the log displayed in log file area.
A: Disable the plugin and give a try by re-activation of ping plugin.

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