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Pakistan’s First Electric Formula Car Revealed

Pakistani first formula car revealed and selected for SAE Lincoln-201 competition for student racing. NUST & PNEC student designed the car. 19 members research and made this car revealed and started the Formula Car Structure in Pakistan.

Genius student of Pakistan revealed their first self made formula car. Car is selected for the American Formula SAE Lincoln-201 competition. Formula car designed by university student of PNEC and NUST.

Nust Director Salman Absar Said: There is no formula racing structure in Pakistan, even electric cars  experiments has not been done yet. student of NUST & PNEC prove their ability and started the proper structure for formula experiments.

First Pakistani Electric Forumla Car TwoClock

First Pakistani Electric Formula Car

We the team of 19 students designed the car in 16 months. Initial stage was of 5 months  in which we conduct research only and then start and finished the car model in 11 months, said Abdul Aleem, the team captain of Formula Electric Racing NUST (FERN).   Fund provided by Bank Alfalah from the fund of Rising Talent Program.

Ahsan Lakhani driver of this formula car, He is the mechanical Engineering student in final year before driving the car he says: I was nervous before driving the car instead so many test done in the lab before revealing the formula car.

Nust University Pnec University Electric Formula Car

Nust University Pnec University Electric Formula Car

Formula Student Car:
You have heard the name of formula 3, 4, 5 but this car will be known with the name of Formula Student because it is made only for the students. Student can participate in racing of formula with the help of this car.

Electric Engineering:
Car designed for the student competition purpose organized for the sake or students. Formula electric car wiring & Circuit Designed or done by Aisha Naseer and Sana Fatima.

Running on lithium ion polymer batteries, the car weighs 275kg and is capable of achieving the top speed of 110km/h with an acceleration of 0-75km in 4.8 seconds. Some of its salient features include a rack and pinion type steering system, single piston custom made aluminum calliper braking system and an unequal A-arm suspension system with push rods with SP-4 way dampers.

Formula SAE Lincoln-2016 is a leading American competition for undergraduates to be held in Nebraska in June in which 30 teams from six countries have qualified to take part. FERN emerged as the only team representing not only Pakistan but the entire Asia.

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