Noria Air Conditioner – Window Mounted Smart AC

Noria air conditioner looks small equipment fund raising on kick starter. How this AC will work and how you can avail benefits with it.

Summers ahead and you are in the search of best air conditioning unit. Scorching beams of sun let you feel down and giving you heat stroke feeling. You need Noria Air Conditioner unit which is small enough to well fit in your window. Philadelphia Based Labs Likuma, unveiled a new product in the market which is far better then many window air conditioners unit.

Noria Air Conditioner:

Noria will reduce the  record-breaking room temperatures giving their fans a cool atmosphere. Well designed with the qualities of small, lighter, and quieter unit. Surely it will offer you a smart connectivity and full-room circulation.

Noria Video:

No need to worry Likuma offers easy two-step installation with single- or double-hung windows measuring between 21 and 36 in (53 and 91 cm) wide. Before sliding and locking the air conditioner user need to secure windows frame adapter. Noria has rounded sides and having light weight of about 30-lb (13.6-kg) , installing and removing Noria can be handled by one person.

window mounted ac with a view TwoClock

Window Mounted AC with a View

Cooling Area of Noria

Cooling area of Noria is  up to 160 sq ft (14.8 sq m). Most of the window air conditioners that blow air directly, Noria is designed to blow the cold air towards ceiling. By creating a convective flow throughout the entire room, this method is designed to help eliminate warm air pockets and minimize re-circulation of cold air. Climate control and less energy usage is one of the feature of Noria.

Adjustment & Manual Control:

A Knob attached to Noria to adjust the temperature according to the need. Moreover you can turn off the unit compressor to pass the fresh air inside the room when Noria not needed. Somehow you can also control the speed of the fan to reduce the noise they generally installed hardware so it will be capable to operate at 50dB. Noria can run all the day long with low-low level sounds, i.e. Library or Conversation room.

Adjustment Knob of Noria AC

Adjustment Knob of Noria AC

Noria Connectivity:

Wi-Fi controlled compatibility is also been considered. Noria offer Wireless, Bluetooth connectivity including iOS and Android devices. In order to make more flexibility, a Mobile app will be introduced to control the thermostat and, compressor unit. You can set weekly and daily schedule using Application.
Kickstarter Funding:
Noria air conditioner is being funded on Kickstarter,  having raised almost half of its US$250,000 goal in a day, with another 44 days left to go. Pledges start at $299, saving $100 off the planned retail price.

Likuma the manufacturer litigate to model the thermal performance better and user experience on functioning prototypes. Funds raised will help in design of injection molding, alpha prototyping, PCB development, testing, tooling, production, and UL safety testing. If we succeeded what we plan then, backers can expect shipments to start as early as April, 2017.

Source & Image Credits: Noria Home

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