Murree Pakistan Amazing Tourist Attraction

Why people love to travel Murree because it looks like a paradise on earth. Have wonderful scenic beauty & Greenery overhead. Chair lift is famous to watch nature workout in this paradise.

Plan for tour in Asia, Pakistan has nature beauty full of Greenish heights and peace of mind places. Murree Pakistan is one of the amazing place to visit before you die. Fascinating place with touch your heart and soul has all the beauty of mountains, hills and snow. Why people love to travel there because tourists call it paradise on earth.

The Region of Murree Pakistan is called The Queen Of Hills with snow Bed sheet and lush greenery.

The truth is every corner of this region is hill. Relaxation and peace is one of quality of hills. White hills are covered with snow which is the best enjoyable part for tourist. All the beauty given to Murree Pakistan which makes these hills an awful scene. People enjoy here with heart and soul. Why people love it rather then other hilly area?

People love it, because the chair lift is bounty of pleasure, having altitude of 7500 feet. Chair lift connects two hills together, if you want to go other area then you must passed these pass ways build by cutting mountains. Murree becomes the domestic tourism place for local people where they enjoy and cheer their life..

  1.  Dangerous Turns which seems lovely when you are crossing.
  2.  A lot of FOG to enjoy and riding on roads.
  3. Clouds all Around which looks situated at hills.
  4. GSM towers cutting clouds and hidden.
  5. Giant tress which are kissing clouds.
  6. Rain and mystic view of hills and tall trees.
  1. Mall Road
    All tourist who came to Murree must visit this spot because they need to shop something unique for they loved one. There are lot of things to buy here Jewellery, Bracelets, shawls, Clothes & other many more interesting things. You will love this spot because tourist rush in here and bought those things which they aren’t ever see. If you are in search of Shopping in Murree then you will fall in love with.

    Mall Road Murree Pakistan twoclock

    Mall Road Murree Pakistan

  2. Kashmir Point
    1 Km far from GPO there is Kashmir Point which is at top of hill. Clean and Green Scenery will make you feel adorable. A beautiful scene make you feel calm because this place situated at top of hill and you can enjoy Kashmir Peak. That’s why this is called Kashmir Point as well as there are two road to go to Kashmir point, to enjoy more take first route to go and to come back use 2nd. In your route there will be president residence and a cadet college too.

    Kashmir Point Murree Pakistan Twoclock

    Kashmir Point Murree Pakistan

  3. Pindi Point
    Once you rush in Murree then you must not missed this point. Because this point have chair lifts which will lead you down to the hills and till 2 KM you will enjoy this ride because Pindi point join your heart with beautiful scenes which are full of snow, mountains and greenery everywhere. If you love Zigzag roads you will see road passing below the chairlift. Coffee shops and play lands for children catch your heart with love and enjoyment. You will see Patriata too. Another interesting thing is a jungle of Pine trees pass beneath the chair lift,
    Precaution: Chair lift is open from 9AM to 6PM

    Pindi Point Murree Pakistan Twoclock

    Pindi Point Murree Pakistan

  4. Ayubia
    It’s name is Ayubia but people call it Bundar point(monkey point). A very common spot near Murree Nathiagali, here you can enjoy chair lifts too, chairlifts attached because there are a lot of monkey in the jungle. They are harmless but they snatch foods from you, love to play with animals then stop there are took some foods you will enjoy playing with them. Common birds of ayubia national park will let you enjoy with calm and clean. There are Hill stations called, Khaira Gali, Changla Gali, Khanaspur and Gora Dhaka, are spread over an area of 26 kilometers and a resort developed in hills called “Ayubia”. This is called Ayubia because in the name of late Muhammad Ayub Khan, was president at that time. There is another point you ever heard of called Neelam View because river of Kashmir can be seen from there.

    Ayubia Murree Pakistan Twoclock

    Ayubia Murree Pakistan

  5. Galyat & Nathiagali
    The region of hills and near by is said to be Galyat or people recognized it by different names such as Ghora Gali (Horse Street) or Khaira Gali and another name which is Patriata new Murree. Due to there is some limitation occurs of different facilities accommodation, Food Facility, Hospitals. Also there are two places where these facilitates are available “Nathiagali” and “Bhurban” you can stay there at night. It’s better tip to make your stay point Murree and visit all around to enjoy the whole.
    Precaution: if you don’t want to feel alone in hotel after sunset then stay at these two spot for proper accommodation.

    Galyat Murree Pakistan TwoClock

    Galyat Murree Pakistan


    Nathia Gali Murree Pakistan Twoclock

    Nathia Gali Murree Pakistan

  6. Chattar
    It’s a place 30 km from Capital Islamabad where you can enjoy Zoo, Water Games, Food spots and other interesting things. If you are lover of food then there is lot of places to eat something tasty and there are water fun too.

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