Light Emitting Dudes – LED Costume Performance

Do you have ever seen a LED performance? Don't know then check this how they performed on the streets of Bangkok. Directed by Frank Sauer.

Free runners can either impress you or amazed you with their outstanding skills. They can jump around freely with bravery. Free runners on Bangkok street turns technology into performance. Free runners light emitting dudes performance was done in Bangkok, the city of light. Enjoy the Free runner LED costume performance in night will boggle your mind.

Bangkok is simply an amazing city for tourism as it never sleeps, read before travel to Bangkok.  When sun goes down LED magic dudes came up. We call it Light Emitting Dudes, transform streets into magic.

Video – LED Costume Performance

LED Dudes:

  • Jason Paul from Frankfurt.
  • Shaun Wood from Sydney.
  • Anan Anwar from Bangkok.

The performance:

Awful looks of Thai metropolis viewers boost LED performer passion. The LED performance in the dark with creative ideas touches everyone hearts. LED free running performance was outstanding effort in-cooperation with of team Farang.

  1. They perform on streets, cars, railing, buildings even inside markets.
  2. The performance includes fast running, rolling, falling, jumping, hanging.
  3. Their gymnastic, ghost like trails, darkness performance seems like hundreds of magical wands.
  4. Loops of lights, rolling on floor LED suits on, present them more interesting.

LED Costume:

LED light strips on whole suits combining together presents an skeleton over human. Duct tape, battery changing creates the problem. While acrobatic moves broke LED’s which needs to change on time. Batteries while performance get dried and replaced immediately. Serious they have potential  of the potential such suits have in nighttime free running shoots.

Director & Team:

The director Frank Sauer shoot the unforgettable performance of LED transformers. His team Shoots for two weeks. Thai Police, Suits works, Lightning scenarios, shooting spots give the team an headache. Batteries inside suits, crowd make them annoy while shooting. Sauer captures all the lighting in the manner which can’t be negotiate. Surprisingly it’s amazing which give an awful light view of Christmas Tree.

The team they comes out every night for two week and observed the confused look by Thai people. The big kids was dream of like same LED dress to look super heroes perform on the street. They had a great time to come out and perform for people, to cheer them up. Smiles and claps was the only biggest surprise by the Bangkok people for the team.

Check out more videos by this director on Vimeo page.


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