Laptop Battery – Plugged in, not charging – Fix Laptop Charging

Laptop battery not charging problem. Plugged in nor charging problem of laptop solve your self by following the simple steps video tutorial included.

Normally people loved their laptop and it’s charging backup must be hours. Read our previous article on How to Increase Battery Life. Usually laptop batteries create problem as a result laptop users got an error message while charging their laptops, Laptop Battery Plugged in Not Charging. We are here to make you learn the solution of,

Laptop Battery Plugged in, not charging – Fix Laptop Charging

Video Laptop Battery Plugged in, not Charging Solution:

Steps to solve the issue of Laptop Battery Charging:

  1. First of all you need to Shutdown your Laptop.
  2. Take out your Charger and your Laptop Battery.
  3. Plug in your AC Charger again with your laptop.
  4. Go to Star and Click Control Panel. Switch to your Device Manager.
  5. Search for Batteries and click on the arrow on the left of it.
  6. Uninstall all Microsoft ACPI complaint control Listings. (If more the one it’s ok to uninstall them).
    Note: Windows will auto install the Microsoft ACPI compliant Control for you again after you reboot to Windows.
  7. Shutdown your Windows again. Take out the Charger.
  8. Put in the Battery again in the laptop, and plug in the charger again then power it up.
  9. Try check your battery it will be charging and working again.

Important Tips for Laptop Battery:

Complete Drain your Battery and recharge it about 3 times.
The important part is to allow your battery to coll down during charges again and again in room temperature.

Those are the simple solutions  that your laptop charger is plugged in but your battery is not charging.

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