iPhone 7 – Shoot One Handed Selfie (Apple Video)

Shooting photos in android has many options including volume button shoot. Learn how to shoot one handed selfie in Apple iPhone 7 to speedup photography.

iPhone 7 releases with tons of new features to explore. Apple releases a series of videos ” Shoot with iPhone “describes iPhone 7 photo clicking techniques. Shooting Series contain 20 videos, to explore the photography techniques. iPhone Shooting includes a three step tutorial on  how to shoot one handed selfie.

How to Shoot One Handed Selfie – iPhone 7:

  • Swipe left from lock screen to quickly open camera in apple phone.
  • Switch to front facing camera by tapping camera button.
  • Click volume button to shoot a quick selfie with iPhone 7.

Apple Video – Shoot one Handed Selfie:

View on YouTube: How to shoot a one-handed selfie on iPhone 7

Quick selfie without unlock your phone using iPhone 7 ( works for phone running IOS 10). The videos was posted on official Apple channel on YouTube.

Similarity like Android:

Android always have this features of capturing image without unlocking the phone. Just tap the camera button below lock pattern and capture a selfie.

We think quick selfie mode give an energy to iPhone users to enjoy.  No doubt iPhone 7 reloaded with features that meets wonderful timeline.

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