New iPhone 7 Plus Camera Hardware Problem

iPhone 7 plus has new hardware problem detected and can be solve by replacing or changing something. By reading article you will know what faults detected and what do to after that.

Recently Bought a new iPhone 7 Plus? unpack it with happiness but first take a better look at camera. Some of the user of iPhone 7 reported a problem that can only be fixed via replacing the handset.

The problem reported is about hardware of iPhone 7 camera. In a thread on Reddit entitled Camera problem in Apple Phone, Redditor teryakiwok posts:

‘I opened up the camera app only to be met with a black image preview, sometimes I can get an image however it’s either tinted green or purple and was once accompanied by a screen stating ‘Emergency iPhone needs to cool down’ when the handset wasn’t even slightly warm.’

Feedback from other thread participants having the same issue related to the camera. Smart one replaces their iPhone via Apple because of this creepy hardware fault. Some of other people resolve their problem by installing a new iPhone camera module.

Fixing iPhone 7 Plus Camera Problem

If you feel any problem with your iPhone 7 camera then you need to take serious action. Either change your phone via apple or go to Genius bar so fault can be repaired.

iPhone 7 plus problem can be fixed by reinstalling camera module.

You can fixed this problem yourself you need to visit any nearly store and make it possible to start your smart phone again.

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