Increase Laptop Battery Life – Tip – Howto

Battery life saving tips and tricks for laptop. Battery saving wear and tears. Save your draining battery in laptops. Reduce consuption of battery and increase it's life with simple windows command.

Every single person have laptop now a days and having an issue of battery draining. These becomes headache for laptop users. Every Single person facing limited time of battery backup and thinks battery life end. We are showing you some tips to increase it with windows built in command.

Issue: When i bought laptop battery timing was 2 hours but now it becomes half hour or low backup time. Because it is getting old what to do and how to save battery in Laptop. We come up with an article to show you to increase laptop battery life.

One of the command includes in windows which can increase battery life, In other words a Power Saving Mode utility in recent laptops. This command can increase the battery life as well as control the performance of your laptop. Like process which draining battery or reducing battery life or making your laptop Heat up.


Hope so you have Windows 7 installed. Use powercfg command it will display all of your battery consumption, usage and information which process draining more battery.

Steps to Increase Battery Life

  1. Click on Start menu and Type CMD in the search bar.
  2. Command Prompt will shown, Right Click it > Run as Administrator.
  3. Now you are in the command prompt mode. Simply type powercfg -energy  .
    Note: the above command for windows 7 users.
    Windows 8 users type: powercfg /energy.
  4. Press enter and it’s done.

After a minute or two it will scan the whole environment in windows. After this execution windows will automatically find ways to save performance which reduce the chance of battery draining. Power efficiency will be increased.

Result of this battery information saved in system32 with a name of energy-report.html. It will show you the path where file has been saved. Follow and see the report.


Useful Tips to Save Battery


  • Remove any external drive or any Pen Drive. Any external mouse you’re not using.
  • Turn Off your Bluetooth. Turn off any utility which are monitoring continuously your files.
  • Avoid Loud music because speaker consume your battery too.
  • Screen brightness is of the cause of battery draining. Make it Automatic.
  • If you’re not using internet connection why open it? make your laptop Airplane Mode.
  • When your laptop finish charging remove it asap cause heating may cause low the battery.
  • Last but not least make a gap between laptop and plain surface.

Hope these tips will save your battery consumption & gives you better performance next time. Don’t forgot to say a word.


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