Iblazr External Flash Light for Smart Phone Camera

IBlazr and Iblazr2 are same, But it's the wonderful accessory for your camera and smart phone which gives you the support of sparkling flashlight for your DSLR and for high quality pictures. Check it once you will enjoy reading it.

Selfies and photographs become trend now a days. Everybody buying some cameras and smart phones. They includes External Flash Lights to get picture which are costly. Now an External Flash Light gadget arrived in market namely IBlazr built for IPhone and Smart phones like Android; which let you capture a neat and clear photographs either in night or in darkness. This light is smart enough which works in wireless medium.

IBlazr is one of the best External Flash Light having 4 LED bulb which gives you the sparkling light and look like sun light, takes pictures 4 times more brighter then normal smart phone flash light or Single External Flash Light.

Features of IBlazr External Flash Light:

  • 4 LED lights brighter and shine.
  • Color Tone and temperature Control makes this External Flash Light Awesome.
  • Any number of IBlazr can be placed to take pictures.
  • Wireless and can add number of lights and set any where to spark flash light from any angle for brighter picture.
  • A silicon coated clip works with every mobile device.
  • Can be used in DSLR cameras.
iPhone Android Camera Accessories

iPhone Android Camera Accessories

How IBlazr Made?

Recently an update made in IBlazr. They made it Wireless so you can add more then 1 light which sparks 4 into  x times sparkling light.

How IBlazr Works?

It includes a small Application called shot-light so you can install it in your Android which provide better options for smart phone flash light. Now open that application and take the picture. This application tell the smart Flash Light to lighten when your camera button press. It never missed and can give you awesome picture with temperature effect control. You can control how flash light works how much lighten in smart phone.

Illuminate in different situations to give you flexibility of emergency light. It has flexible charger which is 15.75 inches (400mm) long. Which not only hold your flash light only. It can also hold the heavy smart phones too.

Iblazr2 iphone flash light

Iblazr2 iPhone flash light

Example of IPhone
Take an example of IPhone Flash light which is normal to take picture but in night where, light  intensity if low and if you only work with IPhone then you must carry IBlazr Which give you light more then only your IPhone flash light this product will give you light more then 4 times brighter then normal smart phone flash.

Manufacturer IBlazr

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