How to Create Blogger Landing Page to Increase Visitors

Worry about landing pages in blogger, let's make your own page using blogger and make yourself a landing page to show up the world. Blogger landing pages trick.

Landing pages makes your product or give boost to your business by making a single page. It gives shine to your content and help you to make visibility page. Blogger landing page is most important, because when it comes to branding and affiliate marketing then people suggest you to make it. Landing Page attracts visitors and subscriber by which you gain traffic, and promotes your product in  a way better. When user hit on your website if you are using a landing page technique then it generally attracts user to explore more. If you want to compete other bloggers then you must need landing page technique so your user at least stay on your website and check what’s ahead.

You can easily create landing pages in WordPress, which comes with tons of features, which leads to less effort then blogger. But when you are using blogger then landing pages are bit tricky and this tutorial helps you make a better landing page.

Creating Blogger Landing Page

  1. First of all create a page or post you want. Name it Small like “Home” or “Landing”.
  2. Better you create a page and insert all those things like your product info or anything.
    See my portfolio Landing Page using Blogger.
  3. Turn off the comments for this page. Default is turned off.
  4. Now after that go to your Dashboard > Setting > Search Preference.
  5. Check out the Errors and Redirection sections.
  6. Click Edit in front of Custom Redirects and you will see two Fields. See Screen shot.

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