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How to Add PHP Scripts in Blogger Blog

Adding PHP scripts in blogger is bit tricky but we will tell you how to add it very simple. Let's tackle our problem in step by step tutorial.

Usually you all know PHP is getting popular and having powerful features around the web. Everyone writing scripts in PHP. TwoClock team will try to demonstrates How to Add PHP Scripts in Blogger blog. Comparing to other languages PHP have hundreds and thousands of helping posts.

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PHP Scripts in Blogger

Every single user want to integrate their PHP scripts in blogger. This couldn’t happen in blogger because Google do not support PHP. We need 3rd party support to integrate php. Adding PHP in blogger is a bit tricky but let’s tackle this with simple easy steps for this purpose you need hosting either free or paid as you afford.

Choosing a Free Web Host

Since blogger do not allow us to upload desired file like PHP, HTML, CSS etc. We need to choose a third party hosting to add php scripts in blogger. We recommended you these hosting websites.

free web hosting add php codes in blogger twoclock.com

Free Web Hosting for Blogger PHP

Creating Sample PHP FIle

First we have to create a file below is example of simple Hello TwoClock. The output of this script will be simple. You can then add additional code to work further. If your codes containing any errors then it won’t perform well so don’t make any mistakes in PHP file. Now follow the steps to add PHP scripts in Blogger.

echo '<h3>Hello TwoClock.</h3>';

Now save your file with the name example.php you can write this code in any text editor like notepad. Upload it on your server you signup for free hosting.

Adding PHP File in Blogger

After creating a file you just upload it on your hosting via FTP Client. Now it depends on you whether you want to display your file on Page, Post or sidebar any where you want to here is the simple code which let you add your file.

<object width="400" height="300" type="text/html" data=" yourfile. php"></object>

Replace yourfile.php with the URL of your hosting file. If the url is fine then it will display your code executed on Blogger. Feel free to ask any question regarding this topic.

Note: You can add this code via iframe technique. Many other works can be done using JavaScripts in Blogger. Feel free to comment any mistake or any problem.

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