Hidden Measuring Tape Features You Must Know

Always industries made technical thing user friendly but we don't know how it works. To take measurements you need to know the Measurement tape features which are always hidden. You must switch & read this post to know key features of it.

Think of measuring tape, and an idea came up let’s measure something. You wonder after reading that there are some hidden measuring tape features which you never know. Yes there are some extra and hidden features to use; better then before.

Specially when you are working alone, neither anyone available for help, nor you work it  tools every day. Then you must read and watch video too. These measuring tape features will let you work alone. Suppose you shifted to new flat  you need paintings or vase to be hanged, you can’t measured end to end. So for this purpose i am sharing some hidden features.

I’ve seen many people who says the tiny end which is shiny used to stop your tape to roll inside the box. No the end of tape measure has all your questions answered.

There are different kinds of tape measures 25 foot, 16 foot, 12 foot and even 6 foot.

  1. Now look at the end made of steel which is folded? If it’s then there is an hole which means it’s screw and nail grip. So you can hook it with nail and  one end is free now you can measure easily.
    Measuring Tape Features
  2. Now see again that Steel piece, there are some raised edges, means if there is no pencil or marker available to mark the spot then you can mark with by scribe back and forth. As a resulting you can easily mark and cut or hammer the nail. See the image
    Features Measuring Tape
  3. Now this feature you must know is very important. If your end which is made of steel is moving back and forth then it means it’s not fault or anything it’s by design. the first inch is not full inch, what i mean is there is slight difference. pull it and then measure because if you not then you will me 0.16 of the inch. so hook it and then pull toward you then you will get first inch complete. See the third feature in video clearly for moving clearance.
  4.  4th and last one, if you are measuring in low space walls and tables then a number written on base +3 or etc, well this is measuring tape features telling you that i am 3 inches  you can consider me too. Don’t fold the measure strip use this features, just place measure tape head instead of folding strip. Because you think you’re measuring correct and in the end you notice some of the space between wood or carpet and wall etc. Don’t pull yourself in trouble, Measure correct and cheers. see in video too.

Watch the video if you want to really make yourself expert in using tools with proper knowledge.Video Channel

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