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Hear Mic through Speakers Windows 7

Listen Live feedback of your voice while you're recording. 3 steps tutorials on how to turn on your mic voice and hear mic through your headphones in windows.

In Windows 7 users wants to listen live sound of microphone. Windows microphone software’s are available out there. Making tutorials for YouTube, hear mic through speakers so you can gauge your audio quality what you are saying. After listening the direct feedback of what you are recording, correct yourself if wrong.

Listen to the Microphone

  1. To listen mic through headphone , right click speaker icon in task bar of Windows 7. In menu select “Recording Devices”. (hidden speaker icon can be reveal from small arrow at corner of notification area).
  2. Your default mic device is having a green tick icon double click on it. Other are disabled by itself and all are dim.
  3. A small window will appear click on the “Listen” tab.
  4. Check the box listen to the device.
  5. Click the “Playback through this device” drop-down menu and select “Speakers…” or “Default Playback Device.”
  6. Click “apply”, if you want to reduce the microphone sensitivity read below.

Reduce Microphone Sensitivity

  1. Select the “Levels” tab.”
  2. Drag the slider to the left to reduce sensitivity. You may need to experiment to find the optimal setting.
  3. Click “Apply” to save your settings. Click “OK” to close the properties window, and then click “OK” to close the Sound window.

As an example, while recording a training video for your staff, you must test your voice how it sounds like. Remember to connect a pair of headphone with computer so the voice won’t double up. However, if you’re speaking into a directional microphone, by keeping it away from speakers and reducing its sensitivity will minimize feedback even when using speakers.

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