Headline Missing and Required Error in Blogger Template

Make your blog & Website Search Result friendly you need to make your website structured data ready. when Bots crawl on your page they check either which is headline and required image. Learn how to make understand them.

Last week i was checking my own Video Blog, Developed recently and found that’s not friendly with google Structured Data because i get error Headline missing and required. There were some mistakes which needs to be solved.

Some time it gives 3 errors,

  1. Headline missing and required (you are reading this)
  2. Image missing and required (explained).
  3. it’s about date

But right now i am talking about the error is,

Headline: missing and required

When you check your website for Google Structured Data, Headline missing and required error occurs. It can be solved easily by giving your page title or post title a property called headline. Syntax is  itemprop=”headline”. Itemprop is schema for structured data so search engine easily learn which is heading and which is body. It’s up to you either you want blog structured friendly or not it helps you in SERP( Search engine result pages).

Currently i am working on custom template. Because google release it’s blogger v3 version and did some changes. So tutorials out there are outdated,

First of all search for this line of code.

<b:includable id='post' var='post'>

If not expanded like this so expand it and search an H2 or H1 tag.

some time it look like this
 &lt;h2 class=&#39;post-title entry-title&#39;&gt;
and some time look like this
 <h2 class='post-title entry-title'>

In first case include itemprop=&#39;headline&#39; before &gt;
In second case add itemprop=’headline’ before >

For HTML Pages:
Same like you can add it in normal HTML Page if you have heading on a page then you can add itemprop=”headline” to it. Give itemprop to a parent div of heading like an h2 or h1.

Now again check you website with Structured Data Testing Tool and you will noticed that the error gone away if it persist then you did a mistake while adding it or comment your problem.

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