HB RING – Hear Loved One’s Heart Beat on Tap

Technology revolutionized and we have HB ring to listen the heartbeat of loved one.

Rings become the trademark for wedding or proposals of love. Men and Women commit their love by gifting or wearing rings. By the time being technology revolutionized itself with HB RING. The style becomes smart but the logic of bonding couple in love are same. Now on you can hear heart beat of your loved one’s by wearing HB Ring in the wedding finger.

Technology ascend for the couples (husband and wife etc) and evolved with emotions jewelry. You can easily hear the heartbeat physically when both are physically far.

A company called Touch has developed the HB ring which allows users to feel their partner’s heartbeats.

It uses traditional metal like rose gold and technology to capture a human’s heartbeat.

Wedding ring always wear on the 4th finger in the hand. Wedding rings are commonly used on the left hand in the fourth finger or the finger between the pinky and middle finger. It was believed that this finger was the “vena amoris,” Latin for the “vein of love,” which ran from fourth finger directly to the heart. Although, this proved to be untrue the tradition continues to follow suit using it on this finger.

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