Hardware Keys Remap in Android

If your buttons are dead in Android Device or any defect happen. Then read How to Remap Hardware keys in Android. You need to root your android mobile, whole tutorial step by step written. Learn to root devices and remap all buttons.

Many android devices come with three hard keys or hardware keys. Usually volume up, down, and power button. Volume key beside its work can be used as other functions like to power off, torch and many other. If you loose control over power button or it is damaged then no worry you can come up with a solutions. Now a days selfie stick also introduce in market which can take pictures so in old phones you can’t use that. Hardware Keys Remap can do it for you. Samsung have Home Hard Key. LG come up with same concept. Unlike other phones come up with those shortcut key like camera key used by HTC.

When you install a ROM and it doesn’t match your phone then volume or power or camera button may not work properly. For this purpose you have to do Hardware Keys Remap inorder to make it work correctly. So i come up with an idea why not i share something great and the application name button remapper. which has many options assign any key to any task.

This app launch when Ice Cream sandwich version of Android in the market. They are working for lollipop too. All you need to do is root your phone with any of software available in the market. I better prefer Kingo Root to root and unroot your phone.

After successful root now go to play store and download Button Remapper so that you can change your hard key to another task. Launch the application you will see different keys assign to their current tasks. Now touch any one of them to remap it with our own preference.

Button Remapper Android

Now let’s suppose you select any key in the screen shot media previous selected and going to assign an action e.g Power assign any action either wake or wake_dropped.

Wake: The wake state turns on the device when you press the key.
Wake Dropped: The wake dropped state keeps the device screen off even when you press the key.

Now i assign any of them you can clearly see in the screen shot.


Assign whatever you want to assign. If any problem occurs then roll back in the same way.

Why This? Because when you install ROM and other thing some of keys are not work properly so you have  to use Button Remapper.

Get Button Remapper Here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=850464.

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