Google Penguin, Officially Part of Core Search Algorithm

Google Officially announce penguin as their core search algorithm.

Google penguin part of core search algorithm, will be operated real time. The last update of this algorithm few years ago. These continuous updates affect many business sites, and hence low quality links decrease the site rank in search result.

In this algorithm penguin monitors inbound links of your articles or pages. If they are from low quality of spammy websites then most likely chances of website ranking down.

Read out how Google Penguin affect your website after core search algorithm change.

What Is Google Penguin?

Penguin algorithm checkout inbound links and identify either they are not spammy or unnatural. If links are not according to discipline of Penguin Algorithm it will inflict the penalty on your website due to low quality inbound links.

Google use to review links only periodically — as infrequent as every few years. Now, with this latest Penguin update, there will generally be no wait between updates. If you can get spam links removed, Google will presumably recognize and adjust in a short period.

Monitor yourself links to your website. Identify by searching and keep track of them otherwise you will get penalize by low-quality links or spammy links. Hence you can save your own website rank.

Inbound Links

There are several tools that can identify inbound links.  Once identified, create a spreadsheet to keep track of them all. Download all of the links from multiple sources and then combine all of those links into one spreadsheet and remove the duplicates.

Here are the tools I use.

  • Google Search Console. Download the links to your site in “Search Traffic” > “Links to your site.” Add those to the spreadsheet and remove the duplicates.
  • Majestic. Majestic provides a list of the links from the past 30 days as well as the “historic” links (from the past 5 years or so). Use the full list, both the “fresh” and the “historic” links. Then, combine those and add to your spreadsheet. Remove the duplicates.
  • Ahrefs. Ahrefs also provides a list of links to your site. Download them and add to the spreadsheet.
  • Open Site Explorer. Open Site Explorer, by Moz, will also provide a list of inbound links. Download them and add to your spreadsheet, removing duplicates.

Using multiple sources is necessary because even Google Search Console (formerly, Webmaster Tools) won’t include all of the links to your website. By using multiple sources, most of the links are identified, in my experience.

Low Quality Links

The next step is to review your list of inbound links. Decide if the link is “natural” — meaning you didn’t create the link — or if the link otherwise comes from a low quality site. If, for example, you hired an search-engine-optimization company a few years ago and it listed your website in free, low-traffic directories, then you might want to mark those as spam. If you paid for links and they don’t use a “nofollow” tag, get rid of them.

For help in determining low quality links, review Google’s “Link schemes” guidelines.

How to Remove Links

Many people link your content, the website which have your link may be low quality website marked by Google. Ask website owner to remove links or use Google’s disavow tool.

I prefer to get the links removed entirely so that it’s clear to Google that it should ignore them. There are two options to do this, in my experience: Manually identify the site owners and email them directly or use Both methods are effective but the first option (contacting the owner) takes much more time.

Beyond Links

Google’s original announcement about Penguin, It’s not about links, deep links or any back link. Discourage web spam and cleaning up your website from spam is suitable tagline for Google Penguin, obviously it’s different from email spam.

Unnatural inbound links and over acting like things on website which cause your website give you a bad back linking. Also it is about removing those text which Bots and users cant see so avoid writing them.

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