Google Mobile Friendly Test – Responsive Website Check

Online mobile responsive website tool to check compatibility of the website. Test your website with the eye of Google.

Technology is moving faster and we have trending smart devices. Everyday we bought new smart device with number of features, having different screen resolutions. Recently while search and paying attention to Google search algorithm, we notice Google robots check either responsive website. Google Mobile Friendly Test robots   checking compatibility for smart devices. Today we’re going to show you how robots see your website according to Google eye.

Want your website to be Search Engine Optimized, make it compatible for every device. Then google will show search result of your website in mobile devices. Hence you get mobile device visitors to your website.

Video Google Mobile Friendly Test Website

Steps to Check Google Mobile Friendly Test

  1. Go to Google and Write Google Mobile Friendly Test. Open up the first link.

    Google Mobile Frinedly Test TwoClock

    Google Mobile Frinedly Test TwoClock

  2. Click on the first URL and open the page.
  3. Now it will give you box like this write your web page URL.

    Mobile Responsive Design Test

    Mobile Responsive Design Test

  4. Hit the Enter Key after writing address of your web page.
  5. See the result either your website is compatible to Mobile Devices or not.

Why Responsive Test is Necessary:

Some time ago, when we search keyword in google it shows us Mobile friendly tag before search result. Still google is checking but it doesn’t show. When Google robot crawl on your website, check either your website compatible to mobile or not. See screen shot.

Google Result Test Mobile Friendly

Google Result Test Mobile Friendly

That’s how google was showing the result. Make sure you test your website for google compatibility.

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