Google Analytics Blank Screen Fix – How to

How to remove the blank screen issue of the google analytic. Try disabling ad-blocker or try out the different solutions available. By reading full article, helps you in other aspects as well as increase knowledge.

Google Analytics blank screen somehow become an irritation, when you are in need of reports. Random studies done by user of google analytic, most of the user think and under maintenance issue. Do not hesitate to try our Google Analytics blank screen fix tutorial to solve your problem. Stop gazing and refreshing the browser, follow the steps hope it will help.

Analytic Empty Screen Fix

Try out the problem solving techniques of analytic blank screen issue which shows empty page rather then displaying the dashboard.

  1. Try to clean your cache and temporary files.
  2. If the problem persist then, try  pressing (Ctrl + F5) will hard refresh your page and override previous cache if saved.
  3. Try changing your browser (we tried different browsers  Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari) but the same issue persist.

Ad Blocker Problem:

Try to disable the ad-blocker which create interference with the JavaScript of the analytic screen.

Ad Blockers, like AdBlock or uBlock, may think graphs are ads and block Analytics Dashboard.

If this is the case, simply disable your Ad Blocker for the domain and you should be good to go.

Unfortunately, there are not much information or proper documentation available. You could share your own experience regarding this problem.

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