Fix Google Play Store Error 498 on Android (6 Ways)

Google play store errors often occurs and you feel just sell the mobile. We choose around 6 solutions to solve your problem because we solve our own problems with these simple solution.

While downloading a game from Google Play Store, you will face an error, called Play Store Error 498. This error occurred because you’re trying to download an application whose size is bigger then your Android cache partition. Let’s look an example of Subway Surfer Game, which has a size of 53 MB. Your mobile cache partition is of 40 MB, then it will show you the error 498. We will show you how to fix different Google Play Store errors in your Android.

Fixing Google Play Store Error 498 Different Methods

Method 1:

By Clearing Cache of Play Store

By clearing the cache of your Google Play Store application you can solved the error 498 easily, we ever try. The latest updates occurs in your android device and you will know the newest version stops you from downloading other applications.

Clear Cache for Google Play Store Error twoclock

Clear Cache for Google Play Store Error

How to clear cache of Google Play Store

  • Go to your Settings > Application Manager or Apps > Find Play Store in your Mobile settings.
  • Click Force Stop to stop the application.
  • Last thing you have to do is Press Clear Cache.
  • After clearing the cache of Google Play Store it’s done. Hope this works.

Method 2:

Check your Device Storage Space

When you are downloading the application from Google Play Store & you are facing the error 498 probably it’s the Device Storage Space issue. Because when you’re downloading from Play Store, it will not show you the storage error double check your storage.

Method 3:

Delete and change 2G/3G settings

Google Play Store Error 489 is commonly occurred due to your cellular plans of prepaid & postpaid. Suppose you have old setting of Access point, which cause the problem. So you need to change and configure the newest APN settings.

Turn your Data Connection off delete the old setting of your 2G /3G. Turn off your device and Start again. Now again re-Add the 2G/3G settings or select an access point.

Configure Automatically: If you don’t want do it manually simply call your cellular network customer service tell them to send you settings. Configure and Ta-DA. Hope this will remove your Google Play Store Error.

Method 4:

Change WiFi network

Faulty WiFi can makes you annoy because some time it goes disconnect and you don’t know. Change your WiFi connection and try downloading the app again. If done then it’s probably your internet connectivity problem.

If this isn’t work then try again after hour or two and have patience. Try again with other WiFi network to download the app again. May be it solve the problem but space issue too.

Method 5:

Use Cache Fixer App (If Your Device is Rooted)

Do u have your device rooted? If yes then it’s guaranteed that your problem will be solved. An application called Cache Fixer App can clean your cache partition. Rooted devices easily be cleaned and fixed the issue for 489 Google play store error.

Cache Fixer App Google Play Store Error 498

Cache Fixer App Google Play Store

Learn About Rooting Your Android Device.

Get Cache Fixer from Play Store in your mobile and fixed your Google PlayStore not working error.

Method 6:

Clear Cache Partition and Dalvik Cache

If you don’t know the advance features of your Android Device, then you have to be careful using advance features. Fixing Google Play Store Error 498. Boot your device in recovery mode, you must clear Dalvik Cache on your device. By clearing your Dalvik cache you can solve Google Play Store error. Clearing cache partition took longer time then usual.

Note: Different Devices have different recovery boot buttons search on Google.

Wiping Cache Partition:

  • Turn off your Mobile and then boot in recovery mode.
  • User volume key to go down. Go to the Option Wipe Cache Partition. Press power button to select.
  • It will give you so many no items and one yes item select yes.

    Wiping Cache Partition Android Mobiles twoclock

    Wiping Cache Partition

Clear Dalvik Cache Partition:

  • Next, go to Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache.
  • Finally, select “Reboot System Now” to reboot your Android device.

Final Words on Play Store Error 498.

The best solution we tried is Clear Data option. or the last one Wipe Cache Partition. The last one in all of them is to check the storage in your own mobile. Hope so you just solve your problem if any of the error occur then please use the comment form below we will try to solve the problem.