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Blogger added a new functionality in their blog system. A featured post, in the past you add manually code to show the post but there is no coding required dig it out now.

As a Blogger we know how important to showcase visitors that we have something sticky. As i am reading a Blogger Buzz news they include a widget called featured post in blogger. So let’s show your visitor and user some highlighted post. According to my team, Blogger is releasing daily updates which helps the visitors to dig more and make something beautiful using blogger.

A Portfolio by me on Blogger. Altaf Hussain Patel Portfolio

If you have something new to make visible to new visitors. Any Travel Package or any Photography Project. May be you have something new in your portfolio then show it to user on daily basis or depend on your choice. It is easy to use help you most to get attention.

If you blogger and blog daily no need to put your sticky posts manually by code. A new widget functionality arrived that you can let your users visit a new post or any older post just show it in your sidebar or header or  anywhere in the blog. Let us show you How to add.

Featured Post in Blogger

  1. Login to your Dashboard and Click on Layout at the left of your blog.
  2. Go to your Sidebar or desired area in my case there is Sidebar section and Click Add a Widget.

    Featured Post Gadget in Blogger

    Featured Post Gadget in Blogger

  3. Scroll Down and Look for Featured Post Click on + Button.

    Sticky Post in Blogger without Coding

    Sticky Post in Blogger

  4. Now select the Post or you can type in search bar, Like i do – or Select the Label to Show filtered Post it’s Easy.
  5. Check the picture show image you want to add or not. Check the Show Title you want to show or not. Check out the Screen Shot below.

    Featured Post Setting in Blogger

    Featured Post Setting in Blogger

  6. That’s it you’re done now check your blog featured post will be shown. You can change it any time when you want to re-share something old again or something new. It’s up to you.

Featured Posts helps you to gain Traffic also helps you to focus your main topic. Like if you are blogger and do photography. You just take a picture last month but the post gone below and you want to again remind the visitors that my great work here. So you could choose again a featured post as show in picture above. Hence the conclusion is featured posts are much helpful and get attention to your focused posts or photographs and works.

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