Enable HTTPS in Blogger Blogs – How To

Secure your website by enabling HTTPS in blogger. Google now give more priority to HTTPS domain names. Learn how to convert your blogger blog to HTTPS for free.

HTTPS is protocol which allows you to send encrypted and secure data to user machine. Now you can enable this feature in Blogger and we are here to describe step by step tutorial on how to Enable HTTPS in Blogger.

Google now enabled HTTPS in blogger for more privacy and increase security like Gmail, Drive, Analytics etc. After enabling this feature give Authors and Readers a vast area of security protection. Without any cost google enable this to stop spamming and other Phishing protection.

HTTPS is Costly

Those HTTPS are costly for normal user because HostGator and GoDaddy sell it around 40$ USD per year. But another thing to remember this feature is only for Blogger not for custom domain. If you bought .com or any other domain then you must buy HTTPS security. Cause .blogspot.com only support this..

How To Enable HTTPS in Blogger Blogs

  • Go to your Blogger Blog and Select any Blog you want to enable HTTPS in.
  • Go to Settings > Basic.
  • Scroll Down and Go to the section HTTPS setting.
  • Choose Yes from the Drop Down Menu.

    Enable HTTPS in blogger blog twoclock

    Enable HTTPS in Blogger Blog

Now try accessing your blog with HTTPS. The access will legit and allow you to visit your blog with and without HTTPS. Hope this article serve you better.

What is HTTPS, Usage & Tips

HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure which called communication protocol and serve securely to the users. Suppose if you are filling a form which have your personal information or either you are subscribing a form which has your email address then secure protocol will never leak your data and you will be served securely with this protocol.

Best Practices to Use HTTPS:

  • Use Robust certificates which are authorize by certificate authority.
  • Whenever a user or robot land on your page redirect them to secure protocol or use 301 redirects.
  • Use URLS which are pointing directories and pages not whole URL like (https://twoclock.com/product/etc.html) use (/product/etc.html)
  • Google says about user those servers which supports HSTS (HTTP strict transport security).

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