Edit a Selfie on iPhone 7 (Apple Video)

Apple iPhone releases videos on how to shoot selfie in iPhone7, edit them to apply different filters & crop them. compare to android apple releases new options.

Apple, after release of iPhone 7 posted a series of video on camera shooting in iPhone. These videos full with fun on how to use camera features. We have recently share Shoot One Handed selfie with iPhone7.  Series contain twenty shoot videos with iPhone camera. Learn how to Edit a Selfie on iPhone 7 with easy steps.

Edit Selfie in iPhone 7:

  • Switch to Front facing camera. Press Shoot button to click a selfie.
  • For better result, crop the image to adjust if possible.
  • Tap the Auto Enhance (magic wand) at top right corner.
  • Share it to world by pressing sharing button.

Video – Edit Selfie in Apple Phone:

Watch on YouTube, Edit Selfie in iPhone 7.

We need applications to enhance the photos and to edit. Now you can either directly edit your selfies with just few taps. iPhone 7 has the quick edit tool, you will love to use the auto enhancer. The videos edit a selfie was posted on official Apple YouTube.

Android Similarity: Android image edit has number of editing option, black & white till brightness, contrast and having filters as well. Boost your iPhone with the energetic auto image enhancer. Also read Shoot One Handed selfie with iPhone7.

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