Duplex Printing in Konica Minolta Di3510F Printer – How to

How to enable duplex printing in konica minolta printer. Di3510F Printer duplex printing enabling procedure.

Konica Minolta introduce multi function printers like print, scan, copy and fax services combined in one unit. The Di3505f  unit of Konica Minolta is capable of duplexed printing or double-sided pages if an additional attachment is installed. Below points will guide you on how to enable duplex printing on konica minolta Di3505f, you will need to access the printer’s setup information through the touch panel located on the front of the printer.

How to Enable Duplex Printing in Konica Minolta Di3510F Printer

Step 1

Press “Printer Settings” on the printer’s touch panel and select the “Default Set” option.

Step 2

Press “Print Method”.

Step 3

Select “Duplex”.

Step 4

Press “Enter”.

Step 5

Press “Enter” again.

Step 6

Press “Exit.” Duplex printing is now enabled.

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