DRY-U Bags – Water Proof Bags – Traveler Gadget

Dry-U bag is a kind of bag which take care of your valuable items and provide you waterproof,Weatherproof, Sand and Dirt proof bags. Help you to continue your adventurous journey. Stay safe and enjoy your journey.

Traveling around the world is one of the best experience a traveler ever had. But what if a traveler fall in love with thrills and breeze of open waters. Water Sports, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Swimming may be his love list. But for this purpose you first need to protect your travel light. We are sharing a wonderful Traveler Gadget which saves your travel light through out the whole journey without spoiling a single of item. Enjoy your journey by saving your items with Dry-u Bags – Water Proof Bags.

Protect valuable items e.g. phones, shoes, wallet, clothes in extreme weather and open water. Designed to Save your Travel Light.

Dry Bags

Dry bags are designed to perform special task with high functionality to save your travel light & other travel light which spoils with water. Dry bags designed to work in water and submersible designed having capability of air tightening.

DRY-U Bags

DRY-U bags is strong and have air tight facility. Other name of DRYu is Water Proof bags. It has features of a glowing and vivid fabric. Made by Bournemouth United Kingdom. They Inspired with south west coast, Britain. It designed to keep you continue exploring the adventure of traveling without any wear and tear. Known as Born to Travel Everywhere.

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Dry Bags Traveler Bags Travel Light bag twoclock

Dry Bags Traveler Bags

Qualities of Dry-U Bags (Water Proof Bags)

  • Water Proof Bags.
  • Snow Proof.
  • Dirt Proof.
  • Sand Proof.
  • Floats in Water.
  • Brief Submersion.

WaterProof Dry Bags

  1. Small 5L Bag
  2. Medium 10L Bag
  3. Large 20L Bag

Special Water Proof Bags

Wet Bikini and Swim Suit Bag : Versatile and available in fantastic four colors. Ensure you to keep save your valuable belongings dry and safe from wet suits.

Wet Suit Surf Bag : Light weight and easy to carry and wear over shoulder. Can store sandy wet suit and Swim wear.

Weather Proof Festival Wet Bag : Light, Strong and Flexible to save belongings from weather and other strong conditions of weather. Your next yearly festival will not spent in caring your valuable items. Dry-U bags going to care it well.


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