Derawar Fort Bahawalpur – Punjab, Pakistan

Visit Derawar fort well known emperors fort in Pakistan. Desert Rally is one of well known race at Derawar. Tourist love to participate and enjoy tourism.

Planning to visit some old Mughal emperor forts in your own country Pakistan. Explore Derawar Fort located in Bahawalpur punjab, Built by the Nawab’s (emperors) in 1733. A large square fortress on the vast area of Bahawalpur.

There was a river named”Hakra” before the place converted to desert.

The forty bastions of Derawar are visible for many miles in Cholistan Desert. Walls are 30 feet high and having circumference of 1500 meters.

Derawar Fort have another name of Qila Derawar. Still fortress live in it’s original shape and design, because the guardians protect the ancient things  inside and outside the fort. The unknown age fort have the tombs of Amirs or Derawar.

Derawar Fort Camel Riding

Derawar Fort Camel Riding

Derawar Fort Beauty: These tombs walls are decorated with attractive blue glazed tiles contrasting with the ochre landscape. Those cannons used at that time to protect the Qila from enemies are also kept there which gives tombs magnificent view.

Camel Riding is obviously a fun ride, want to enjoy the plane of desert enjoy in Cholistan desert. Beside the enjoyment of ride, the canons on the fort have it’s own worth from the centuries.

Derawar Fort ancient canon

Derawar Fort Ancient Canon

Cholistan Rally Bahawlpur

Every year there is a crowd of people to watch the Jeep Rally held in Cholistan Deserts. Cholistan rally famous sponsors like Toyota, Dew, Pakwheels etc. Desert rally have fans from the world they love to enjoy and participate in the jeep race. Jeep rally have broadcast in Pakistan’s local channels. According to the drivers they have tough time in 2016 due to some changes in the tracks and portions which give them breakdown. Whenever you visit the Bahawalpur Punjab never miss the Cholistan enjoyment.

Video: Bahawalpur Rally

History of Derawar Fort

The fort was built by Hindu Rajput, Bhati of Jaisalmer. It remained in the hands of the Rajput Bhati royal family of Jaisalmer until captured by the Nawabs of Bahawalpur in 1733. In 1747, the fort slipped from the hands of the Abbasis owing to Bahawal Khan’s preoccupations at Shikarpur. Nawab Mubarak Khan took the stronghold back in 1804.

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