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Here are 10 great cleaning tips which make work easy, less time consuming, & give you less effort work. Microwave spill generate mess?. Sticky Vase absorbs shine of glass?. cobwebs creating Halloween effect?. dusty shades make lights low?. Artificial flowers looks dirty. Those cleaning tips helps you.

Cleaning house hold thing one by one using clothes gets you trouble and consuming your time. Try our house hold cleaning tips which let you do better cleaning with time saving techniques. Now let your house make clean.

By applying cleaning tips you will shock how easy to do cleaning. And you are wasting time daily. Watch and share your comments below.

Cobweb in Home:

Can’t reach the cobwebs? which are creating Halloween effect in your house. Except decorations they create Halloween creativity which looks awkward in front of guests. How great if we have a way to clean them alone without any one’s help.

Solution: Yes there is an easy way to clean those creepy dust-collectors without any one’s help. Take a Balloon which is of Helium with string as needed. Drag/run them along ceiling and walls and you’re done.

Dirty Coffee Grinder:

Coffee grinder becomes a dirty mess and stick to the walls of the grinder container. We clean them with clothes but they always stick with blade and give creepy feelings. There is a solutions to make this container shiny again.

Solution: Have rice in your kitchen. Grind uncooked white rice in it until the rice comes out clean. So simple to clean it without any extra struggle.

Dusty Artificial Flowers:

Washing them daily and then drying, while drying it got dusty. How beautiful if there are cleaning tips of artificial flowers.

Solution: Take a paper bag put some salt in it. Now put flowers fold and shake the bag well. Yeppie! so clean.

Microwave Spill Cleaning Tips:

Some of them are very forgetful put things and didn’t remember to take it out. Resulting spill off, what to do now it looks so dirty in front of others we don’t want to open it.

Solution: Cover the surface with a wet paper towel and warm for 10 seconds. All will wipe right up, when towel/cloth cools.

Dust on Shades:

Have dust on shades, keyboards, fans and others things, on which dust covers. Which looks dirty like cobwebs. Are u in search of something to clean them up?.

Solution: A can of compressed air can clean it. Take and spray where dust freeze. By this trick you can clean everything which have sand or dust on them. Including keyboards and small equipment.

Rusty/Water Spotted Chrome:

obviously we have chromed things in our house but rust and water spots are shine killing machine.

Solution: Take your mug or any thing which is rusty Pour some cola on it. Take a aluminum foil piece and wipe the rusty area with shiny surface.

Sticky Vase:

Do u have vase in your house and they are slimy/sticky then don’t worry a tip will shock you and take all sticky thing from the inside of your vase.

Solution: Take some tea spoon of backing soda put inside the vase. Also pour some white vinegar rub/scrub boohoo all clear.

Milk Glasses Spots:

Drink milk and there are some scummy film on them.

Solution: Before washing them with hot water and soap. Use cold water to rinse them. All Sparkle.

Grunge Sponge:

Solution: Put and nuke them in a microwave for one minute until it’s damp.

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