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Change Author Name in Blogger Posts

Changing Blogger author name is bit tricky to make yourself popular in the SERP results. If you want to change author name to gain popularity and show Google your author identity that you are writer then do this.

Google doesn’t give you authority to change author name in blogger manually for every blog. But if you are Fed up seeing same Author Name on every blog of yours & you want to change Author name. Then you are standing at right place. Learn how to Change Author Name on Blogger.

Author Name in Blogger

Author name in Blogger are visible right after your post title. Which tells everyone who write this post. As well as it gives better impression to your SERP(Search Engine Result Pages) and you can add meta author name by using Author Name.

This name is Google Plus profile name but you want to show other Author name rather then Google Plus name. Because every blog you own showing same Author Name. We can change Google Plus name but it will affect all blogs.

Steps to Change Author Name in Blogger

These are little five steps to change author name in blogger which will affect your single blog. By assigning good name of author you can easily get more visitors to visit your website.

  1. Login to your Blogger and go to Dashboard.
  2. Go to Template > Edit Html.
  3. In the Code box Click any where and press Ctrl + F. It will open default search of Template.
  4. Paste the following code and press Enter. (Or search the below code)
  5. Remove this and write your own name. Like Two Clock or Lynda or any name.
  6. Find again and write the same name you write. That’s it you’re done.

Author Name Effect on SERP

As Author name also give you better impression because a meta set for it. If you change author name carefully do this because google do need it. It reads your author and give you impressions how this author is contributing. Which makes your work more easy to recognize yourself in the market place as a author or developer.

Last words: This is the simple way to change the Author name on Blogger. You can change Author Identity on Every Single blog by tweaking this code and you’ll successfully change Author Name in Blogger. You can remove if you don’t want to show the author name in blogger.

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