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$ Instead of jQuery in WordPress – WP jQuery

While using MooTools or prototype ($) sign conflicts with jQuery library. For the sake of compatibility mode developers choose safe way and use jQuery instead of $ sign. jQuery provide compatibility mode by default to work safely like jQuery.noConflict() to avoid conflict errors. Learn how to use $ sign instead of  jQuery keyword in wordpress. […]

New Release WordPress 4.8 – Evans Release

A huge update from WordPress, The release WordPress 4.8 they named it “Evans”. The release has huge number of new updates and exciting features like Audio widget, Image widget, Video widget as well as updated Text widget. New release of WordPress can change your website to new level. New WordPress 4.8 release let you enhance […]

Audio Widget Wordpress Mp3 Music Player

Add Audio Widget in WordPress – How to

Adding Audio player in WordPress widget was never so easy before WordPress 4.8. From long time users was waiting for audio widget in WordPress. New enhanced audio widget helps you to upload audio from library. You can insert from URL. Learn how to add audio player in WordPress widget without coding. Users were waiting for […]

wp_Footer WordPress Action Hook – Action Reference

The WordPress action hook wp_footer executes near closing body tag. Usually developers bind their script files to footer hook action. Hook search for wp_footer() function integrated in theme and execute there. Learn how to use wordpress wp_footer action hook with examples. WP footer is an hook usually helps you to executes Scripts and Styles. Read […]

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Ping Optimizer WordPress Plugin – Spam Controller

Addition of new post in your blog and automatically it will be ping is a feature of wordpress. But whenever a post edit or update an automatic WordPress ping send to websites for listing of post. Sending pings so many times for a single post to search engines, you may lost your ranking factor. Perhaps […]

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Update WordPress Ping List – Get Traffic to Blog

Writing and Publishing a post in WordPress is extremely exciting but most of the people can’t read or reach it. Usually WordPress ping most of the services about your publication. It can be extend by mean of ping, helps in getting visitors. The ping list can be increased manually. Learn how to Update ping list […]

Custom CSS WordPress Admin

Add Custom CSS to Admin Area WordPress

How to write custom style CSS for WordPress admin area. Learn to control the styling hooks of admin WordPress. Most recommended way to enqueue admin styles. Best practice of admin styling.

Text after Price WooCommerce Product

Custom Text After Price in WooCommerce Product- How To

Adding text after price in WooCommerce products using price filter. You can add logos after price in WooCommerce. Search for “woocommerce text after price”, customize WooCommerce price hook to add anything before/after product price field . Learn how to add text after price in WooCommerce. The price filter  woocommerce_get_price_htmlis default price hook. Used in themes […]