Media Queries CSS Responsive Web Design TwoClock

How to Use Media Queries in CSS – Responsive Web Design

Media Query, not an old word for web developers. A website must meet the guidelines of responsive technology and devices friendly. The responsive design can be achieved with multiple media queries depend on design. How to work with different media queries viewport (width and height of device) in CSS. 8 examples of media queries and […]

Google Fonts in HTML CSS

Add Google Fonts in HTML/CSS Tutorial – How to

Typography is the key element for any design. Choosing best web fonts is base element. Web fonts are easy to add helps you to save your hosting bandwidth. After using Googles fonts API you are going to love it. After reading this tutorial you will learn how to Add Google fonts to HTML/CSS. Beside content […]

Typewriter Effect – jQuery Typing Text

No further need to edit videos to show typing text effect. Forgot the past and create stunning Typewriter effect with jQuery library TYPED.JS. No need to code furthermore include, change the sentences and just enjoy the typing effect.

Bootstrap Vertical Navbar

Bootstrap Carousel Fancy Techniques – How to

Different bootstrap carousel fancy techniques contributed by twoclock. These techniques will enhance your design & user experience for a new animated version of your website.

Bootstrap Vertical Navbar

Bootstrap Vertical Navbar – Bootstrap Sidebar NAV

Learn how to make Bootstrap vertical navbar with twitter bootstrap. Full height fixed responsive sidebar with little CSS. Bootstrap sidebar navigation nav with example and explanation of every code.

Horizontal Mega Drop Down Menu TwoClock

Horizontal Mega Drop-Down Menu – Microsoft Inspired

Make horizontal mega drop-down menu using HTML/CSS and JavaScript inspired by the menu.

independent column scrolling bootstrap tutorials TwoClock

Independent Column Scrolling – Bootstrap Tutorial

Bootstrap Two Column scrolling with independent vertical scrolling capability. Make Bootstrap grids more capable to scrolling separately and vertically.

Add Class to Every List Item With jQuery TwoClock

Add Class to Every List Item With jQuery

Adding class to list item with jQuery and HTML. Learn how to add class to every list item with jQuery.