Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance in WordPress

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WordPress, a huge blogging platform show numerous updates which includes security, themes & plugins update.Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance in WordPress WordPress releases automatic update functionality in Version 3.7. Which is better to manually replacement of files. It allows automatic update and replacement of your files without digging in CPanel. If you are on Shared Hosting, than during update you will face an error which stop your website/blog, showing to users. In this tutorial you will be shown how to fix.

Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance”

Why WordPress Crashes while Maintenance

Sometimes, when you are updating and due to lack of Memory Issue on your server. Because you are using shared hosting & You think this is WordPress error and you panic to update next time. Don’t worry it’s not an error technically. Because of connection problem or server request this error occurs. When you press update button; WordPress itself create a file in Root Directory namely “.maintenance“. Which tells the Visitor that we are doing some modifications. So a simple page visible to user with heading “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance”. Check back later.

After successful update of your WordPress page disappear & your website will work normally. Some time  internet issue or slow response from hosting server display memory execution time error or just execution of script failed, your website will stop working. Which now lead them to your site shows  “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance”.

Solve Briefly Unavailable in WordPress

Already talk about why this error occurs and you don’t know how to fix then let us explain. Whenever you face maintenance error then Go to your FTP. If you have access to C Panel then it’s good too. Go to your Root directory,

For WordPress 4.0 and Less

Using FTP:
Go to your root directory which is public_html or www and see there is .maintenance file delete that.

Using C Panel:
Login to your C Panel and Click File manager (make sure to tick the check box saying show hidden files and folders) you will taken to root directory and search for .maintenance file, right click & delete it.

For WordPress Higher then 4.0

If you are using version higher then 4.0 then you will see there is no .maintenance file in root folder because there are slight changes occurs. WordPress is now making a folder in wp-admin called main stands for maintenance. First Rename it so you easily revoke the changes.

Using FTP:
Go to your root directory where WordPress installs Go to  wp-admin folder then rename the main folder

Using C Panel:
Login to your C Panel and Click File manager you will taken to root directory Go to wp-admin rename the main folder and you’re done.

All you’re done and that’s it if the problem persist then do share your comment we will help you to solve your problem.

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