Bolo Rolling Knife – Makes Cutting /Chopping Easy

Bolo rolling knife is one of the sharp and precise cutting knife. Made to save your wrist from pain and to give you chef like cutting.

Kitchen knives now becomes wasting of time to cut vegetables & others. We are going to share with you a circular knife called BOLO Rolling Knife which allow you to become family chef and say bye to regular knives. Bolo allows you to achieve chef quality precision without waste of time.

Bolo works for you Faster and easier then other ordinary knives. It can tackle many of the task then normal knives. precise cutting is one of the fundamental tasks as well as chopping on the other hand. Well, It works as chopper when you need; by holding blade break. Bolo has extra facility to cut through pastry dough, but you can cut meat as well. Cleaning/Washing of Bolo is simple enough by just after removing the bolt; take out the blade wash it and dry it. So called it dish washer safe.

Bolo Rolling Knife Makers

Bolo’s creator, chef Randall Cornfield, says the blade angle and their grips in traditional knives put too much pressure and stress on wrist and hand. With Bolo, you are now able to apply directly force on blade. Which conveys you avoid unnatural movements with hand and wrist. The placement of the grip around a circular blade is also claimed to enable more precise cutting.

Video Demonstration shows below showing their knife features.

Sources: BOLO, Kickstarter

While cutting with ordinary knife angle of cutting put too much stress on wrist causing pain. Bolo Knife bring some dramatic changes so you can put force directly above the blade, provides precise and smoothly cut food.

Bolo is currently fundraising on Kickstarter. The early bird funding options start at CAD 14 (about US$10) for a Bolo knife and a green handle that is available only during the campaign. Delivery is estimated for March 2016 if all goes to plan.

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